Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Last Week in ET (at least for awhile)

We all arrived safely home on August 4th, 2012! I'm slowly updating with pics as we get used to our new life as parents of 2 very busy little ones. More pics to come. 

Hangin' at the guest house. We did a lot of this. A lot. 

We happened to be without hot water for a large part of our time at the Guest House. Lucas is making a bucket bath for the babies.

So glad Aunt Audrey came with us!! We got a little stir crazy at the guest house- so decided to venture out for a meal at Lucy Cafe. Yum!

Uncle Menge helps us eat pizza at Lucy Cafe.

This time, Ethiopia was much colder and more rainy. We should have packed warmer clothes!

Cutting the bread for our send-off coffee ceremony at the Foster Home. We will miss you, Sister Beletech!

Lark and Otis say goodbye to their nannies. There were many tears this day. 

Getting ready for our flight- portioning formula into bottle inserts made it so much easier for us on the plane ride home (although there were many other things we weren't prepared for... hello diaper blowouts every hour!)

Saying goodbye to Menge's family. We will always remember Aziti, Tsyone, and Rahel.

Passed out in Frankfurt. Almost home...


  1. They are beautiful!!!! We are praying for a court day soon! How was the foster care center? I have heard great things.

  2. aww, your babies are so beautiful!

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